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Corporate Social Responsibility
As a socially responsible provider of electronic communications services in Latvia, Lattelecom has several support and charity projects. Growth in the group’s companies makes it possible to devote targeted resources each year to various public activities which are in line with the Lattelecom Group’s core values – professionalism, trust and development.
Priorities in Lattelecom’s support projects are culture, education, sports and environmental protection. These priorities do not, however, exclude participation in other projects and co-operation in various other innovative projects.
Lattelecom will support projects which cover as broad an audience as possible and are, first and foremost, aimed at development, demonstrating new ideas in the specific sector. In evaluating projects, Lattelecom gives preference to those which offer measurable results and a chance for long-term co-operation, as well as ones which can be included in the company’s marketing activities.
Lattelecom does not support:
  • religious and/or political events and organisations;
  • any activities which seek to popularise gambling or use of tobacco or alcohol products;
  • or the participation of individuals in projects.
These are the criteria under which Lattelecom evaluates project applications:
  • The project must facilitate understanding about the area of business in which Lattelecom operates, particularly focusing on information technologies and the telecommunications sector;
  • Particular support will be given to projects which demonstrate innovation or excellence in any of the priority sectors of Lattelecom’s public support programmes;
  • The project must have measurable results, it must be one in which long-term co-operation can be established, and its activities must be ones which can be supplemented with Lattelecom marketing plans.
Year 2008 priorities
Lattelecom will continue to offer support to projects in its priority areas – culture, education and sports.
For instance, Lattelecom has worked for years with the choir “Kamēr…”. This year we will pursue a particularly excellent project – the “Sun Songs of the World” project, which brings together the highest level of professionals in Latvia. This refers to the choir and its conductor, Māris Sirmais, along with the artists Ilmārs Blumbergs and Kristīne Pasternaka, and the project’s patroness, former President Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga. This once again reaffirms Lattelecom’s believe that mutual understanding is a special art. Because Lattelecom is considering ways of expanding abroad, its support for this particular project is of international resonance, too. Distinguished composers have been brought together from 17 different countries, thus creating a truly excellent opportunity to use talented Latvian musicians to facilitate the development of Latvia’s image at the international scale.
Then there is the Latvian National Song and Dance Festival. Exactly 118 days before this year’s festival, the Lattelecom BPO directory assistance service 1188 became the official information line for the event. This support has been offered so as to ensure that all festival participants and potential audience members can receive answers to questions which they may have about tickets, locations and times of events, etc. Participants can ask about results obtained in preliminary auditions, schedules for rehearsals and concerts, where participants will be staying while in Rīga, etc.
In the area of education, the priority is a national initiative related to corporate social responsibility. The “Mission Possible” project is aimed at bringing young and talented university graduates who have leadership capabilities and high academic achievements into the educational system so as to promote growth in the educational sector which is modern and in line with Latvia’s overall development. The aim of the programme is to establish and strengthen understanding about education as something that is of value in Latvia.
With the support of Lattelecom Technology, the National Informatics Olympiad for schoolchildren was held in March. It was organised by the Educational Content and Examination Centre of the Ministry of Education and Science. Winners in the event were sent on to the Baltic Information Olympiad in Poland, and those who win prizes at that event will, with our support take part in the World Informatics Olympiad in Egypt in August of this year.
When it comes to sports, the Lattelecom BPO directory assistance service 1188 is the main partner for the Latvian orienteering team in the 2008 season. The 22nd three-day orienteering event “Sand Dune 2008” will be held with the support of 1188.
Proposals for projects can be sent to the Lattelecom Public Relations Division at Dzirnavu Street 105 in Rīga, or by E-mail to
Lattelecom, together with the Hansabanka bank and the "Idea Partnership Fund" is implementing a national corporate social responsibility initiative in the area of education. Known as "Mission Possible", the project is aimed at bringing young and talented university graduates with good leadership skills and academic achievements into the educational system so as to help to develop it as a sector which is modern and in line with Latvia's overall development.

Lattelecom supports the classical music festival “Summer Time – Inese Galante Welcomes You”

Lattelecom supports the New Rīga Theatre to establish a new ticketing system on the Internet in 2007
Lattelecom is working with the secretariat of the minister with special portfolio for E-governance on the “Net-Safe” project, which teaches children, parents and teachers about safety on the Internet
Lattelecom has supported the Kamēr... youth choir since 2005
Lattelecom supports the Cēsis Arts Festival 2007, because the company is one of the leading employers in Cēsis, where the 1188 Contact Centre is located
Lattelecom supports the “Open Doors” project of the Apeirons organisation of differently abled people and their friends, helping people with special needs in Latvia’s various regions to learn computer skills
Lattelecom supports the auto rally team of Aivis Egle and Normunds Aizkalns
Lattelecom is working with the Latvian National Library Foundation to produce and popularize a new computer game for children in 2007 – “Build the Castle of Light!”
In 2007, Lattelecom and the Neputns publishing house issued a Latvian translation of the global bestseller “Beyond Disruption”

Since 2006, Lattelecom has organised an IT Olympiad for Latvian schoolchildren and university students to motivate them to learn more about software design and IT
Lattelecom supports the 15th International Piano Star Festival

Lattelecom supports the Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association and its Latvia@World project, which trains local residents in the area of computer skills

Lattelecom supports the Student Association of the Rīga School of Economics


Lattelecom and the Hermanis Brauns Fund organise the “Symphony of Toys” charity project, calling on audience members to donate toys and books for underprivileged children

In 2006, Lattelecom and the Latvian National Opera released a DVD recording of the “Bird Opera” – the first DVD recording of a children’s opera in the Baltic States